Sunday, January 25, 2009

a recap :)

"but Ash, it's only 5 am!.."
This is why I love waking up early. Before Olivia gets up. I love to sit down, listen to music and read a little. Maybe think up different craft projects or things I want to do. I make my grocery list for the week if I need too. Mostly, I just love the calm. Being able to just think :)

These are just some cute pics of Olivia in the bath. She loves the bath. She always has, and I think it's adorable when she smacks the water and it splashes on her.

Olivia will be a year next month. She is 11 months and 5 days old. I cant believe it. I cant believe that sweet girl was once a newborn. Everyday she becomes more independent and learns something new. She amazes both Mike and I.

Look at that beautiful smile and big dimpled cheeks!

Around here, pig tails have been a hit! She is adorable and I cant believe how much her hair has grown in the last couple of months! :) This was when she was rough housing with Daddy! She looks just him in that pic..

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The Juenemanns said...

I LOVE the pig tails. Maybe you can have some luck getting a pony tail in Lyd's hair. She won't let me hardly touch it.