Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 Favorite Things..

These are my five favorite thing right now..

1) Finding things for Olivia's birthday that has to be pink or zebra striped! These are not it. I could easily make these, but aren't they sweet.. just TOO many meshing ideas. I'm so EXCITED to plan her birthday. I'm ALMOST done getting everything I need.. no sneak peek. you'll just have to wait!

2) Watching this sweet girl grow into a fun filled ball of energy. She is absolutly beautiful and I cant believe that she will be one in 7 whole days!! My days are filled with laughing, pouting and serious drool kisses, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

3) Incase you didnt realize, your local departmant store barfed pink and red. Valentines is friday! I love valentines. Mom and I would take a whole night after dinner and make my "mailbox" She pulled out all the stops. She let me take out every craft item and just go for it. My box ALWAYS won class vote. That's because we are the people everyone hates. The "creative" people. Mom, I feel like we should highfive! I've been writing down ideas. printing tutorials and coming up with "traditions" for Olivia.

4) Coffee. I love waking up before the chickens, and enjoying my coffee and my own time to just think. pray and get ready for the next day.

5) Anticipating my sisters baby! She is being induced on tuesday if he doensn't come soon! I love calling her to see if she has has any signs and then tell her that I only weigh 120lbs :) And I can roll from my front to my back without any problem. She then proceeds to call me a bad name. :( How dare she! :) She is going to be such a good mom and i cant wait to take in the sweet scent of new baby and hug my best friend.


Mama Kat said...

I love your list! Those zebra shoes are too much and I love that you and your sisters babies will be so close in age. I was just about as excited for my sisters pregnancies as I was for my own. What an axciting time!!

Jen said...

those are some awesome things! I really, really love the shoes!

megs said...

i love you more than words can say, but valentine's is saturday, not friday ;)

i cant wait to see you on saturdayyyyyy!!!

and i cant wait to see pictures of mel's baby! i cant remember if its degan christopher or christopher degan, but i still want to see him!

Summer said...

I love those shoes!!!

The Juenemanns said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Miss Olivia's birthday. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be.