Saturday, April 11, 2009

you are my sunshine..

Olivia has been in an exceptionally good mood this morning. I even got her to smile at the camera while eating breakfast :)
This one is her super cheese smile. I love it. It makes me laugh!
Oh my goodness! God has blessed up with amazingly warm weather here! Olivia and I have been hanging out outside every minute we can! :) We lay on the blanket and read and eat munchies.

Look at that model stance! And those LEG ROLLS!! So yummy!
This is my new favorite view. shorts. a book and Olivia right next to me!

Daddy got home from work and immediatly joined us outside! It was ALOT of fun!

Warm weather means really cute outfits for Olivia! Thanks Aunty Tammy for getting me this outfit! I love capri's! Except i'm like aunty megs and my legs aren't quite long enough..
Olivia has been giving out kisses and she keeps her mouth closed now, which keeps it drool freee! :)

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megs said...

and also like aunt megs, lacks ankles. its okay though, we have a club. i love those sweet little legs :)