Sunday, May 3, 2009

Even though I drank a whole keg..

I still feel pretty good about myself. Okay, I didn't drink a WHOLE keg, but it feels like. I drank all weekend during Megan's wedding and I shared a couple pitchers with Jen and Calvin. Ugh. Good thing I'm up to make goals this month :)

May Madness:

  • Go Running - bikini season. new bathing suit. yesss

  • Call Mom on Sundays

  • Call Mel on Mondays

  • Go on a date with my handsome hubby atleast 4 times!

  • Keep fresh flowers in the house

  • From the looks of the photo- Call Mangos - eyebrow wax STAT.
Looking cute before going out on friday

Such a sweet moment. We were watching the office.. I dont know why she isn't laughing!
Maybe it has something to do with it NOT being the funniest episode of ALL time.
Question: Which bear is best?
Fact: Brown bear

bears. beets. battlestar galactica.
Lookin' good Dwight.

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