Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this is how we do it

Does this look like anyone else's morning? I try to start my day by making lists. Looking at my calendar and figuring out my schedule for the week. It looks like i'm a busy girl, but dont be alarmed. I'm not. I just like to write down everything! My husband loves it too. There is no surprises when I'm not home for some reason. I make a list of all my To-Do's for the week too. Things that are silly like :
  • Clean Bathroom (tub, tile and floor)
  • Tanning
  • Grocery Shopping (with lists)
  • Clean off top of the dryer
  • Pack for Olive and I
  • Wash, hang, fold ALL laundry .. eek

Monday, we went on a beautiful walk over at Irene Rinehart Park. I love it there. I love it so much, we got married there. Crazy right? It was perfect. But it's our park. I think it will always be.


We taught Olivia how to throw rocks into the water. She loved it.
Of course! I always come prepared! Here is a quick peek at my shoes! My toes deserve a pedi but the shoes were cute anyways!

There really is no point to these photos. Just some eye candy for me! I love my husbands forearms. I could watch him do anything with his hands for hours. Yea.. he's still got it.


I'm gonna go finish off my pot of coffee and nuzzle my sweet girl.
♥ xo!

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