Thursday, June 4, 2009


I thought I would do some random facts, snippets, ideas and ashlee-isms that I think are funny and interesting, and probably just to me..

01. Mike and I pretty much speak our own language when we are together. We say silly things and add "a" to the end of it. "I lova you alot." "I lika the cheesecake" It makes it very hard not to say it when we are around other people.. we have our own words like "noozle" instead of nuzzle. We play the "I like to pinch" game and sometimes when "the lizard" [ie: me licking him] isnt on vacation he will show up when you least expect it..

02. I have seen every single episode of The Office. The best part? I use to hate it. I didnt understand it. We go netflix and I watch every episode in a week. I can even quote it. Yes, i'm one of those people.

"bears. beets. battlestar gallactica."

"Hey Angela, where are you? Oh, there you are, I couldn't see you behind that grain of rice. boom. roasted"

"And all the inmates are gonna be like DAMN, you have the hottest ex i've ever seen"

"Question number one, how dare you."

"hey hey hey, it's fat halpert"

03. I buy all my favorite products in bulk when they are on sale. I usually end up with 4 of everything and keep it in my closet. my favorite body wash St Ives Exfoliating Apricot. My shampoo John Frieda Volume something, beeswax lip balm and makeup.

04. I love making lists. And list inside of lists. It's my favorite! Grocery lists, ideas, things to do, you name it. I have a list for it. I even carry a notebook with me for these lists. Maybe that's a little OCD.

05. I wake up every morning at 5 am. Why? Because I love my "me" time. I usually blog. I drink 2 cups of coffee and I clean up whatever needs to be in the house. It gives me time to wake up and then i'm refreshed for Olivia when she gets up.

06. Right now i'm trying to find the time to make baby booties and onesies for my customers! I love them. They are so sweet and such tree huggers. They are always so nice to me. They are expecting their first baby in August :)

07. I love coffee & chocolate.

08. Speaking of which, my best friend in the world and I met over coffee. My ex took me to her stand so that I could get a white choc. mocha and he introduced me to her. She is my long lost twin. There isn't much we dont have in common. We have our favorite animals [giraffes and flamingos] We ♥ coffee, we are both herbivores, we scrap and craft, and are disney princess' [she's belle. i'm ariel] I even held her train all day during the wedding and up the stairs! [best feeling in the world being moh2!] Pretty much, she is the other half of my heart and we are bold as love.

That's all for now.. i have to go let Jill kick my ass. Day 4! woooohoo!


Allison said...

I love The Office too!

Question Number 1--how dare you? haha...

My fav is from Season 2 or maybe 3 when is when Dwight does drug testing.

megs said...

we sure are bold as love. why? because IBLWY <3333

megs said...

p.s. jesse and i have our own language too :) i love being cool like that.

*jimaie.marie* said...

This was so fun to read :D

YOU ARE A MORNING PERSON! I wish I was. Really I do. But I'm more of a 2 oclock in the morning person ;D

*jimaie.marie* said...

and OMG, the office is the best show EVERRRRRRR.