Tuesday, June 23, 2009


*Facts about Ashlee*

  • She wishes she was a better runner
  •  heart-11‘s the rain, best.
  • madly in heart-11 with her hubby
  • bakes when she’s upset
  • runs with she is pissed off… or when she doesn’t want to deal
  • dreams about her ex boyfriends
  • heart-11‘s  sex as much as men do
  • good kisser *
  • Hates TV but cant put the remote down
  • addicted to shopping
  • has the most beautiful daughter
  • wouldn’t trade sticky kisses for anything in the world
  • growing up to be a better mommy everyday
  • coffee and ice tea run through my veins
  • melts when any man calls her “Ma’am or darlin’ ”

*this is a fact.

Now for some old school goodness.. some of my favorite pictures. 

         1405269691_l 1294118903_l1034959661_l   l_3799228b96b1eb204c5415caeab0f0bc


megs said...

that's the infamous rum & coke that the camera was dropped into... i love you best friend.

Anonymous said...

Rain IS the best! I am digging the blue dress look. :)

Allison said...

i'm with you on the running thing. you have the cutest little legs in the last picture. so skinny!!