Thursday, June 25, 2009

you know that I could use somebody.. someone like you..

Not having my digital camera SUCKS. I hate ittt. “Hey Mom…Mom? You can send my cord anytime now..” I feel my life is lacking and I’m tired of buying disposables. I guess I don’t HAVE to buy them, but what is Olivia does something incredibly, ridiculously cute {um, everyday of her life} and I don’t catch it on film!? I will be the worst. momma. ever. 

Dear Mr. Voyager camera, I love you. Even though your other half is a piece of shitake mushroom.

1babygirl433968jqv5rdp8m9 Miss Priss. favorite. picture. ever.

Anyways, I’ve been kind of down. I’m feeling chubby, I need new highlights, I want to get my nails done and I shouldn’t be eating a reeses after I get off work.. whatever. You know what makes me feel wonderful!? Shopping, sundresses and sunshine! Oh.. and my Hubby, and daughter… ;)

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Forever 21. I love you. I hate your extremely slow shipping and processing.. but I love your sundresses. The last pink one is a large, but it was super good deal and I can always take it in if I need too. I got mediums in the other two. I have Momma boobs and I sometimes worry about over exposure of the girls. Even though my BFF and I are cleavage sisters.  

V272506 59506549-07 

I also love, these 2 models. the first one is VS {duh} and the this cute blonde girl is from forever21. Just by looking at them, I already know I wanna be their friends. We would totally go to the beach and shop on the boardwalk and take funny pictures.. yea we would be BFF :) {that bathing suit may or may not be here after 07/07/09}

Oh and I don’t know how many times I can listen to Kings of Leon. My top 3 are Use Somebody, I Want You, and Sex is on Fire. It makes me feel edgy.

Okay, now I have to go be productive. My To-Do:

  1. Let Jillian kick my ass..
  2. Clean up the house
  3. Put final touches on June Swap. I <3 America!
  4. Pack for MEGANS!!!!!!
  5. sew, sew, sew.


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*jimaie.marie* said...

i LOVE the Kings of Leon!! Also? I love the sundresses you got, I've never ordered off their site b/c my sizing (their sizing?) is wonky and I seem to range from a small to a large in different pieces of clothing, it can be very confusing! LOL

I ADORE that picture of Olivia, it brought an instant smile to my face :D