Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where are you??

So I have mistakenly left my sweet battery charger to the digital camera at my Momma’s. You know what the means?  A dead camera and a missing ligament. :( So I’m up for a challenge, I love any kind of challenge. I’m #1!

Here it is. I’m buying 2 disposables.. yes, disposables and I’m taking them with me everywhere. I’ll just keep them in my purse and when one runs out, i’ll use the other one. I’m gonna document my week and see what I come up with. I can get them developed at Snapfish and they will even publish them online so I don't have to scan 45647 pictures :) I’m pretty much stoked for this whole thing… And then I’m sending my mom 6 bucks to send me my cord back :(

Here is an oldie but goody {like my teachers use to say}

100_1518My sweet bug getting into the reeses.  Look how little she is!

Okay, that’s it for now! I’m off to Fred Meyers for the camera’s and a fathers day present! :)


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Allison said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see all of your pictures.

Oh thanks for your comment!

You're a sweetie.