Friday, June 12, 2009

Survivor – Pantry Style!

So Mike and I, we like to eat. And we like to eat good food! But we go to the grocery store every Tuesday and spend at least 75 dollars on food. So this month we are playing Survivor – Pantry style. Here are the rules and regulations:

  1. No grocery shopping this month. The only exception is fresh produce from the farmers market and milk
  2. We have to finish almost everything from the pantry.
  3. We must use alternatives or make our own snacks.
  4. Put the money we would of spent every week, into savings.
  5. No more debit cards/check books at work, to avoid sneaky spending
  6. Brown bag it! Or .. a cute gift bag for your lunch!

I’m pretty excited about this challenge. I took pictures of our food storage areas so you can actually see that we wont be starving.


Cupboard in the kitchen, chest freezer, the snack shelf in the garage, the “pantry” shelf in the garage, and our fridge.

I love my mornings. I know I talk about them a lot, but I cant help it. I love waking up early with my coffee. It makes for such a smoother morning with Olivia and I. Lately I’ve been lovin’ yogurt and fruit. It’s such a great breakfast packed full of goodness. And berries are in season, which makes them cheap! I stir in flax seed too for extra boost! :)


DSCF9334 DSCF9335


See, a happy Mommy makes a happy baby in the morning!

Okay, so I’ve been working out, but I just came across this amazing clothing accessory! It’s called My Hip T I was a little sketch (see Allison!) but I thought I would try it. It was 20 bucks and came with free shipping. I was in. Now it seems a little weird, but listen. I have the worst crack! All. the. time! This totally keeps my hips and lower back from showing. (if would also be good if you have a tramp stamp from college and don't want the office to see??) And it keeps in the muffin top! You know, the one we are working off? Yea, that one! Look how cute it looks under a tank. You cant even tell you are wearing something else under your shirt, and you don’t have the extra layer (kind of?) for the summer. There are other colors but I went with white and lace because that’s kind of a staple in my wardrobe. My only con is that when I sat down, it scrunched up a little bit, so when I stood up, I had to do that “I need to look perfect” pull up, and sometimes I felt like i was wearing pregnancy pants.. but I got over that!

**look at those abs! YES! JK

DSCF9339 DSCF9338

Okay, so now i have to let Jillian glare at me because I ate cookies for dinner and I had WAY too much alcohol this weekend. Later Gators!


PS! Google "Live Writer" for Windows. It's amazing. It's the best blogging tool ever. No more annoying slow photo uploads. It's like microsoft word and you round the corners of the photos and everything. Why did I not know about this before!? Blogging just because even more easy!!


Allison said...

I love it! A way to rid us of muffin biggest fear! Yes, Jillian has not seen me either, but I'm starting back now that I'm back home. You're adorable and good luck with the money savings plan.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

My husaband and I are also doing the panty challenge. IT IS HARD!

*jimaie.marie* said...

shoot, if i had that flat tummy I would be posting it all over the internet too! ;D
I'm hearing so much about Live Writer, i've GOT to try it out!

Summer said...

I love what that program does with pictures!!! I just tried downloading it, and its not working on my mac. =(