Friday, July 17, 2009

How Exciting!

I’ve never win anything! I always enter different giveaways, and follow and tweet and blog their giveaways, but I never get any goodies! Until! Last night, I was at work checking my email on my phone and I got a message with the subject Congratulations!! I won a whole outfit from Down East Basics Blog.  You wanna see it?!


This top, in white


These Jeans! :) I loooove them 

It’s kind of ironic because I put myself on a spending freeze for the next couple of months and I’m only allowed to buy things with my spending money {ie. allowance} So this is awesome! I’m going to have to save my allowance an buy more things from them. Their clothes are modest, cute and perfect! :)


Annie said...

congrats, how super cute!
lucky girl :)

Allison said...

that's awesome ash! it's so fun to win stuff. those are super cute jeans too.

Michelle said...


Down east? Interesting. I am in Maine and they call it Down East

*jimaie.marie* said...

gaaaaaaah!! that's awesome!!!!!!

Priscilla said...

Congrats on winning!!! THat is jsut awesome!!!! Those jeans look pretty hot! :D

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