Thursday, July 16, 2009

Writers Workshop

The Prompts:
1.) Ask A Dad! Write a letter asking your husband for advice regarding any issue you might have and record his answer.
2.) Describe a situation that forced you to confront a neighbor.
3.)Tell us about Grandpa.
4.) Which appliance in your home would you most miss living without if you had to live without.
5.) What are three things we would love to know about you!

Okay, I was going to start writing about my Grandpa, he was a preacher and a wonderful man. I truly believe that he was the rock of the Smith family. But the problem is, he died when I was so little that I really don’t remember him at all. I only know what I see in pictures and I only know what I read in his tattered bible that sits on my the end table of my parents’ couch. And i worry if I start writing, I wont be able to stop. And I will be a big puddle of salty tears on the computer chair. So I’m not going too. Sorry Grandpa R.V, I love you. Oh Grandpa Ted, you are wonderful too :) Thanks for taking me fishing on Smith Lake and then immediately following buying us aloe vera because we were too excited to fish together to apply sunscreen. :)

So, I decided to write my husband a letter :) HA!

Dear Babycakes :)

Thank you for putting down your x-box controller to take time and read this letter. As you can tell, I decided to put down the cell phone too. You can thank me later.. if you know what I mean :) Anyways, keeping this PG and everything, I have a few cares and concerns to share with you. I would appreciate if you didn't immediately throw down this letter and call me “Dramatic” and then go to the bathroom or whatever you do when you are mad at me.. wait! Is that why you play the x-box all the time!?

Continuing my whining, I would like to bring up the issue again about the toilet seat. I realize that you have been trying, I know that. You do a great job putting it down when it’s just you and Olivia hanging out during the afternoon. But you see, this is where the problem comes in. You don’t put it down after your morning whiz. And I stumble in, obviously I've been drinking the night before, and almost fall in EVERYTIME. One, because I don’t turn on the light and two, because my butt is not that big and it will not stop this cute, petite figure from plunging into the cold abyss.

I would also like to point out the fact that you are always wearing a shirt. Can’t a sister catch a break!?! I mean really, you know what those arms do to me, but do you know what that mole on your tummy does to me!? Think what Jell-O does to Bill Cosby… Same thing! Okay, so maybe it’s not that same thing. But I really do like that view…

My main concern however Baby, is the lack of making out. I really like making out with you. I know, we have a baby now and we are parents. It might not even be cool to make out anymore, I don’t know? I’ll Google that later. But I want you to know that I’m down. I’m always up for making out like teenagers. whether it be the kitchen or the cereal aisle at the grocery store. I'm all in. I love those juicy lips..

I believe that solving all these issues may be  hard, but they will be marriage saving. Thanks for putting up with all my whining, my excessive spending, and not batting an eye when you see the credit card statement. You really are amazing.

I love you times π

xo! <3’ Your adoring and beautiful wife :)

Ps. Thanks for the deciding that kissing me in the bakery was your best idea ever.

i agree.

I’m going to read it to him tonight and vlog his response tomorrow :) LOL!

2 days ‘til I will have my toes in the sand and 2 days ‘til I get to see my parent’s! Even if it’s for a couple of minutes. Daddy’s hugs last a lifetime! Happy Thursday!! :)

Thanks Mama Kat :)

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blueviolet said...

That was so much fun to read. I hope your hubby thinks so too and throws ya down for a good makeout session because of it. :)