Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ketchup :)

Remember last month when I left my camera cord at my Momma’s? well I went through 4 disposable cameras in 2 weeks. I realized that I take A LOT of pictures and I don’t like to miss a thing I got the first 2 sets of prints back this week. I forget how different film camera pictures print compared to my Fuji. I was looking at these pictures and they reminded me of the old pictures that I would get out of my mom’s desk and look at. They just have a tinge to them. Anyways, here are a BUNCH of them.


Family photo at the river


shoes by the river

dadandliv I love this picture.


Finding balance.

hands uslivandi

this picture looks better in print, but  I think I like the green tint

We stopped by McDonalds and got 50 cent cones! Olivia got to eat her first one :)
ice cream2ice cream

Mike and I relaxed afterwards and made each other anklets. He proudly still wears his :)



This picture makes me laugh..

bestpicever    lazyus



My dress! I LOVE this dress! :) Thanks Down East Basics :)



We dressed down and went to the river to play. Olivia had SO much fun!

happyriver girl  me 


flowersmower sundress

    I encourage you to try it! It was a lot of fun! I took pictures of everything and loved the surprise of not knowing if the pictures were going to turn out. I sent out my other cameras yesterday, so we’ll see :)


Anonymous said...

What a FUN idea! I miss the surprise of the outcome too and these turned out so sweet! I agree with you on the color, it makes them almost 'vintage' if you want to call it that! Lovely!!

Allison said...

yay for olivia's first ice cream. i bet she's hooked now. i'm so glad there are digital cameras now so the ugly pictures can be immediately deleted!!

megs said...

i love them :) especially the ice cream beard & playing in the river :) cant wait to see the pictures you took at my house!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love the feel of these pictures...digital is nice but theres something old school about them.

LOVE that dress!

And I am SO SORE today it's not even funny!

Summer said...

I love the dress!!! So cute.

And that one of your daughter smelling the flower, incredible!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

love your photos, great feeling when you look at them....

your daughter is beautiful!