Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Can Shove it!


We are starting to look alike, but she still looks like her Daddy.

Labor Day weekends in Ellensburg are the WORST. We have the Kittitas County Fair and Rodeo in town. It’s really fun, except when you live here. Then there are WAY too many people in this little town, and working is awful! Around here, you just know that you have to work, and time off isn’t an option. Overtime, however, is mandatory. The cool thing about working at my store, is that we get all kinds of free tickets! We got ride bracelets and entrance tickets! We save a ton of money!

We got to go on Friday, the weather wasn’t too hot and we had a pretty good time! Olivia LOVED seeing all the animals. Her favorites were the bunnies. This horse was really tall, and looked over the wires at Olivia. It was cute! Olivia squeezed her Daddy real tight after that.


DSCF0631 I like this picture, because she is clinging on to her Daddy. That sheep on the end, kept talking to her.


She got brave enough to touch a goat! This goat was really nice and just wanted attention.It took a couple times of Mom and Daddy going “OooOoOo” for her to touch her, but she was so excited after she did.

We have an old time town at the fairgrounds. It has penny candy, old pioneer houses, a saloon and an old school. My Aunt Grace, use to take care of the old town grounds and do tours when she was alive, so we took Olivia to the school and she got to sit in an old desk. It was pretty cute! The ladies loved her.


Mike does judging for the baked goods at the fair, and this was the cake that he gave his judge ribbon too! I thought it was pretty cute! :) I decided next year, I’m submitting 3536 things! I’m making a cake, some baby shoes, and a couple scrapbook pages. 


What’s the best part of the fair? The fatty fair food? yes please! We got an elephant ear and a huckleberry lemonade. It was delicious! The elephant ear was bigger then me! :)

DSCF0644 DSCF0645  DSCF0651


I’m so glad the weekend is over! My regulars are back, and work isn’t such madness! :) The only downside  is that I cant wear my rodeo outfits anymore.. I’m really going to miss wearing jeans to work!  :(


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Anonymous said...

Wow that elephant ear really WAS bigger than you! I soooo love the picture of you and your husband ... I need to take more of my man and me lol :)

Rodeo outfit! I dig it!