Wednesday, September 30, 2009

right now:

  • I’m having a love/hate relationship with my bod.  Stupid beforethattimeofthe month bloaty feeling and feeling like all I want is chinese food. Damn it. Guess what I’m doing this morning? Running ‘til I feel the sweat drip from my forehead {ew} and eating a whole wheat english moofin with peanut butter. TAKE THAT FLABBY TUMMY!
  • really live writer?! I’m talking about food. take your red squiggle line and shove it.
  • Why is that? Why are women so body conscious? Why cant we all just be happy!? So what if I want to eat 453 oreos and 21 hot wings and a mint chocolate milk shake. Lord, the day that pigs fly will be the day I believe my husband when he tells me I’m beautiful. Why is that!? He is my husband. He wouldn’t lie to me. He tells me when my fashion ideas are bananas, and when I have on too much makeup. I believe him. Sometimes I change {sometimes not, he really doesn’t know anything about fashion} and I’ll lighten up the eyeliner. But the second he tells me I’m beautiful. I just nit pick until I cant take it anymore. Heavens to betsy. {lord, i just got southern.}
  • Speaking of, I'm back to 140lbs! I haven’t weighed that much since I was 6 months pregnant with Liv.
  • I’m going to stop “trying” to get pregnant. I’m just going to get pregnant whenever the good Lord thinks it’s time. All this trying is making my eye twitch and leads to me on the bathroom floor crying because 2 little lines didn’t show up on the pee stick. IM CRYING OVER A PEE STICK!?
  • I promise, I haven’t lost it.
  • I started an art journal. It feels reeeally good to get all my thoughts and drawing on a piece of paper. I’m no where near an artist. But I really really love it. Maybe when I get cahounis? cahonis? cahonas? {maybe I shouldn’t say it if I cant spell it? you know, balls?} I will post some pictures. Of my art. Not that other thing.
  • We do hulu for TV, since we go to bed so early or I'm working. We are finally up to date on House, Modern Family, and The Office. I love them both. Especially House. He is so sexy. Jim too. Lord, I would love to pull him in for a kiss by that tie.. 
  • We bought a guinea pig. This is what happens when Mike and I are lonely. He is freaking adorable. We bought him for “Olivia” and we had to buy everything! WTF! Why is pet supplies so expensive? I mean really!? 4 dollars for a bowl? We bought him from the pet store. I guess, that’s bad? Where else am I suppose to pick up a guinea pig?! the wild. no thanks! Luckily, the breeder was on hand, she was a little whack. Like, she loved her animals too much? He has cowlicks everywhere! He is 6 weeks old. I wanna noozle him! He wont let me… yet :) His name is Bernie. {In memory of Bernie Mac. I kid you not. Thanks hubby!} I was going to name it Penelope if it was a girl.DSCF1329
  • So, why is it that when Olivia is gone, the house is a STILL a disaster? I woke up this morning and there was a caesar salad bowl on the floor of the living room?? The couches have hang up clothes everywhere on them. There are 3 purses that need to be condensed into one. Pens are everywhere! I’m a better Mom & Wife when Olivia is home.
  • I miss little things about her. Like no baby bowls, spoons and cups in the dishwasher. No morning wake up call and kisses. No one to play with when I’m bored. It’s too quiet. No more munching on chicken nuggets because we she is hungry. No constant chatter. 2 more days! *sigh*
  • This is what I get for complaining that my to-do list is too long and I don’t have any time. Now if I don't get anything done, I’m really a bum and Olivia cant be my excuse! :(
  • I have a sewing pile the size of Rainer!
  • Why is it that I’m not productive when Mike is home? Like this morning, I will get 453 things done. I could of done them when Mike had the days off too. But I just sat on the couch and watched TV and movies with him, in my pjs! No wonder I’m resembling a beluga

I hope you enjoyed the bullets as much I did! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who accomplishes ZIP when the hubby is home! Why is that?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think you have a great body!!! Great hair too!! Seriously! Try not to look at the scale and maybe take measurements instead. I think it's a more accurate way to see what's going on with our bodies anyway.

Ahhh pee on a stick. Like you said, stop 'trying' and just roooollll with it... ;) And yes, I know, it's easier said than done! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

megs said...

1. you did NOT get a guinea pig. oh man.

2. you should have named him patrick swayze.

3. cajones. spanish.

4. iblwy <3

Molly said...

You stop giving yourself such a hard time! You look great. I am so off my schedule when Cooper isn't with me. I would totally be doing what you are doing if I had a week home alone!