Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week without Liv-Day 2

DSCF1325 Yup, we have no kids to watch. This is how we spend our time together. blogging. x-box.

DSCF1224 It was 40 degrees!! I busted out my puffy vests. AND I was having a good hair day. No one could stop me!


We went for a hike to the Falls. It’s our spot. You have to cross a cliff, we usually don’t talk Olivia. We wouldn’t want our baby girl to fall down the cliff! :( So we went, it was a beautiful day. The leaves were changing colors. It was a little warm.

It was perfect.

DSCF1233 DSCF1238 DSCF1241

first day of school pose?


 DSCF1262 DSCF1268 DSCF1273

We found a crawdad!! I picked him up!!! {that’s amazing all in it's own.} I pinched him. HA!

DSCF1282 DSCF1283 DSCF1296 DSCF1302

I couldn’t wrap my arms around this tree, it was so big.


He makes the tree look good :)


LOVE these colors.


DSCF1259 No, you don’t make these faces when you are tired of walking?


DSCF1303 - Copy

3 Miles in my sneakers. It wore Mike and I out. Can only imagine if Olivia went with us and we had to backpack her in.. I would probably have to backpack Mike out too :)


Anonymous said...

Again, love the pictures and Mike is such a good sport for all the posing he does!

Do you carry a tri-pod with you because even in the pics where you're both in it, I never see the dreaded 'one arm' self pose look. Takes talent I tell ya!

Molly said...

Amazing pics!