Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cant believe it! I think the time is going by WAY faster this year, than last… :( One of my goals this month, is to write a post everyday this month. Even if it’s just something lame or something that I’ve found online.. but more than likely, it will be a picture of Olivia, because she is just so cute :)


She fits well in a box :)


I found her like this when I came home from work… I’m pretty sure Mike put her to bed with a diaper on… I didn’t want to wake her because she was sleeping so good, but I had to get a diaper on her.. so I rolled her over and giggled at her.

I found this Halloween costume in her closet! I bought this before I even had kids. Remember, I like giraffes? She might be a giraffe this year.. But I kind want to dress up too in family costumes..



My ideas are doing Monsters Inc or The Flintstones :)

white-boo&sulley&mike the-flintstones

Either way, I’m going to have to bust out my sewing machine.. But they are both going to be pretty easy costumes to make. And I have 2 months.. I don’t know if I mentioned.. but I love Halloween!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I started looking at costumes yesterday too! What is it about September that invites all this END of SUMMER talk!? ;) Love the giraffe costume tho!

jars of cute said...

Thanks for your message which makes my day.

Olivia is so adorable, just like her mom I guess ... :) I love that giraffe costume too!


megs said...

i know, i know, i still owe you baby pics of me, but i think every picture of me under the age of 4, i am in a box. always. this is why olive and i are in a no-ankles, live-in-a-box gang together <3

*jimaie.marie* said...

My votes for the Flinstones!! How hot will you guys look? And Olivia?? SHE IS SQUEEZABLY cute!!!