Thursday, August 27, 2009

It can be all about me.. once in a while..

I think I want this as my tattoo.. well along those lines. 3 butterflies on my shoulder. I think it would pretty and not trashy.. Don’t worry, I’ve thought it through… and I’m a girl. I can get butterflies if I want. =oP


I was trying to find the picture of me in 8th grade {see below} and I found all these great pictures.. i cant help but laugh when I look at them. I think I’m going to put them on my side bar.. or at least the one about the hair.. :)

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In 8th grade, I loved this outfit. I probably wore it once a week all throughout middle school. That tank top says “boy beater” I shit you not. That’s right, that’s my midriff showing. I was such a bad ass. Should we dissect this picture for a second? Do you SEE the poster on my walls. They covered all 4 of my walls. I loved it that way. That year, I had a crush on Sam Alexander. He played trumpet and didn’t even give me a chance. What a dummy. I took the picture on the right a couple days ago and couldn’t help but notice the same face, and pose. I’m so sassy. But I think I definitely upgraded over the years. AND I finally have hips! Size 00 got nothing on me!


I bought this great jacket too! I looove it! I really wanted a motorcycle-type jacket. But I don’t do leather. I found this one and I LOVE it! I plan to get some cute leopard print flats to wear too.. {ps. I don’t know WHAT that face is.. I didn’t feel comfy using the timer and taking a picture of my coat.}


Speaking of fashion. Look at this sweet diva! My heart is melting.


Everyone should look cute while cooking. I’m showcasing my Ives meatless ground. Look at my butt! After 20 years of never having a butt.. I embrace that booty!


Today, at 1:30, I will be in contacts!! I’ve worn glasses since I was 6. That’s a long freakin’ time! I finally took the plunge. I’m getting contacts. I’ll still wear my glasses around the house. And when I’m being lazy.. but for the most time, I will no longer be “Ashlee, the one with the glasses?” Now i’ll just “Ashlee, the one with the gap?” I wouldn’t have it any other way.


1034959661_l DSCF0486      

This is my excited face!! You like how my veins pop out of my neck!? I made this face as Mike opened his birthday present early. 1 month early to be exact. See, the reason is that electronics only have 15 day return period. So, If he didn’t like it {yeah, right} then he could take it back. And Mike and I have a really bad habit of giving gifts early. It literally burns a hole in our closet, if it sits there longer than 3 days. seriously. I can almost guarantee that I’ll get my bday present in October :)  {Think.. NikonD60..EEEEK}


I think he loves it. Don’t you? He has wanted an IPod as long as I have known him. I was so excited to be able to give it to him.. Now if he finds it in my purse.. that’s a whole different story. A girls got to run with music right??

I just realized my face is on this post WAAAAAY to many time. I’m sorry. Please don’t think I’m like that.


TheSingleGirl said...

Cute blog!

I like that tattoo.

And your hair. I have crazy hair. So unfair.

Those Disney pics are the best things evvver.


Shea said...

Congrats on the glasses!!! I see Enrique on the wall lol. I'm sure Mike will love his iPod, they're definitely addictive. And don't worry about the gap, I have one dentist said it gives me character.

Anonymous said...

Cuuutey patoooty! But you're right, you've earned your toosh and it's lovely if I do say so! ;)

I've worn contacts since I was in 9th grade (wore glasses for two years before that) ... I won't go into how many years I've been wearing contacts...

Luuuuucky hubby!!

Anonymous said...

OH! I heart the tattoos!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ash you are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Total Badass fashionista I love it!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

I LOVE that tattoo idea!!

*jimaie.marie* said...

So much to comment on!
I lovvvve tattoo's, I need another!!!
That picture of you in middle school CRACKS ME UP b/c i swear I have the same exact picture just different people on my wall and a plain tank LOL! HILARIOUS. ohhh the good ole days ;)
Girl you are lookin FIERCE in these new outfits, LOVE! And how cute is Olivia in her pink vest lol! I seriously could eat her up.

How do you like the Yves meatless ground? We recently decided to go veggie in our home and I've tried a couple different brands of fake ground beef that i HATED. So I must know how this one was!

How are you loving the contacts? I got mine in 7th grade and was so nervous about them but I've been in love ever since. I still wear my glasses on lazy days and around the house but I've always been that vain girl who took off my glasses for pictures growing up (even tho I couldnt see a foot in front of me LOL!)
You look great in glasses tho! Really. I look like such a dork.