Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A peek in the chaos

I feel like sometimes,  i’m just too busy! Like this week, I didn’t do anything. I was super sick and feeling really blah and so I called in sick to work and then we had that wedding to go too. It was a blast. And now here it is, already Tuesday. My to-do and want-to-do list are already a page long. I love my lists :) So I thought I would post 57831 pictures to update with. And then I’m going to overflow your reader with 4 others posts. {all with different dates cause i’m sneaky} and then I’ll feel better about myself :) Which, by the way, I totally do! :)

Olivia loves Bernie! Forget giving me a kiss first thing in the morning. She quickly pecks my lips and then wants down so she can run to Bernie’s cage. Bernie, usually is hiding in his home hoping that the giant baby leaves him alone. I usually hold him and let her pet him. She always gives him kisses and puts her cheek on him for a hug. It’s so cute!

   DSCF1399  DSCF1427

I cut Olivia’s bangs. finally. I really didn’t want too. I didn’t want to have to deal with them, I was just going to let them grow out. But I’m glad I did. She was not excited to sit still, however.

DSCF1433 DSCF1437 DSCF1442

So much better! :)

My all time favorite Starbucks drink is the Caramel Apple Cider. Oh my goodness! I cant stand the pumpkin latte, it makes my stomach hurt. I looked up the recipe online {man, you can find anything!} and I went to my Starbucks and bought the cinnamon dulce syrup {it was only 6 bucks!}  and I made my own! I’m saving 100 dollars a month!

Caramel Apple Cider

1 mug of tree top apple juice

1 shot of cinnamon dulce syrup

whipped cream and caramel syrup {we use sundae sauce}

Heat up, stir and top with whipped cream.

I should of been a barista :)

DSCF1460 DSCF1461 DSCF1462

Look how happy it makes everyone! :)

So… do you like my ORANGE skin!? I do not. I went spray tanning. OMG. First off, awkward. I really didn’t want any tan lines on my chest, so I was bra-less. But I kept my panties on. I didn’t know that lady THAT well. The stuff smells like I worked at Taco Bell all day. And by the second day, I was orange and carroty.  Whatever, it’s winter time anyways, I’m going to be paler than Angel. {take that Edward! you suck} ….


Liv and I went to Harvest Days. Of course, it was on the first morning, of the first frost of the year. Holy crap! It was freezing. It would of been WAY more fun if it was warm. And if Daddy didn’t have to work.

DSCF1485 DSCF1487

Her favorite part was the goats. She wanted to pet them the whole time. Then she said “goat” and pointed!

DSCF1496 DSCF1497 DSCF1498




Time to go!


Saturday was Bryce and Rachel’s wedding. It was outside too! I was freezing! Luckily, it was super short! I think everyone wanted to get to the reception and drink anyways. We looked pretty HOT! Mike borrowed a tie from Adrian. It definitely completed his whole “look.”  I wore my pink trench, which everyone loved :) The wedding was nice. Mike and I decided to re-new our vows. And I decided that our wedding was going to be different. I feel like I’ve gone to the same wedding 64 times.

{feel free to pass up all the pictures where we look exactly the same. We forgot to ask someone to take our picture. lame}

DSCF1507 DSCF1508 DSCF1512

drunk reception picture.



I’m doing a Week In the Life this week too. It’s been really fun! I’m having more fun with it this time around than I did last year. And I think I’m going to try and attempt 365 days of photos in January too :)

It’s tough being a babycakes, momma, scrapbooker and photographer.


Anonymous said...

I've done the spray tan too (once) and I agree it smelled really bad. Olivia is such a cutie! You guys look awesome as usual and thanks for telling me where to buy the cinnamon dulce syrup! I Googled it because I had no idea what it was and it kept coming up with Starbucks junk (no wonder) and then I was confused LOL ... sooo going to make this soon!
LOVE the white vest you're wearing. Totally want one. :)
(thanks for following me again!)

Molly said...

The bangs are super cute. Good job!
I used to work at Starbucks when I was in nursing school and CAC is my fav drink of all time!
The pics from the wedding are really great. You two make me smile. :)

Just Jen said...

I have something for you!! Go look!! http://justjen68.blogspot.com/2009/10/ssa-omg.html

Leelou Blogs said...

Thanks for using my layout! Looks great with your header. Your hair cut is adorable by the way :)

smile steady said...

Oh my word, Olivia's "time to go" face is too freakin cute! Love the pictures!

.jimaie.marie. said...

you SHOULD be a barista! lol! I love that you recreated this drink, it's the best!!
omg i love you for not loving the pumpkin spice latte!!
I think you are the only person I've met that doesn't work at Starbucks and doesn't like it! People are SO OBSESSED with that drink and it sorta freeeeaks me out, it's not even yummy!
olivia is SO DARN CUTE! i seriously just want to squuuuueeze her!
love the pics from the wedding too, you guys are adorable <3

mylifeinpurple said...

mmmm..apple caramel cider looks so good!

There is an award waiting for you on my blog!

Ms. Lovely said...

Hey I stumbled here from Iris over at My Life in Purple. I totally love your blog and you and your family are just super cute! Hope you're feeling better now!