Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wow, November is blazing through. Not like October didn’t go by fast enough.  But here we are, I guess there is no use trying to stop time or in our case, trying to stop the snow from coming so soon.

My goals for November:

  • Throw successful baby shower for Amy
  • Turn 22 gracefully.
  • create at least 3 things out of my “idea book”
  • make polka dot wristlets
  • find a unique/fun/girly present for Susan
  • Decorate for Christmas (I’m enjoying them as much as I can)
  • Not eat every chocolate bar in sight.

Easy as box cake?! I think so.


Mighty M said...

My birthday is this month too, although I am a little older than you. Okay a lot. Enjoy 22. :-)

Mighty M said...

PS: Visiting from SITS. :-)

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Stopping by from SITS! I think your list looks totally do-able, except for the chocolate!!!! LOL!

Melissa said...

what a cute family! your daughter is adorable =) stopping by from SITS , have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I can't wait to decorate for must post pics of how you decorate!

megs said...

what's a polka dot wristlet?! DO I GET ONE?! haha just one more thing for your list, right?

iblwy <3

Molly said...

when is your birthday!?! mine is the 11th...having a hard time with 25 this year!
eating every chocolate bar in sight sounds rather perfect to me! go girl!

Mrs. Lovely said...

Your hair is cute!