Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Party Part 1!

We celebrated Olivia’s birthday with family yesterday! She had a blast! I cant believe that my baby is 3! She has been into colors lately and always asks me what color things are. I thought that best idea was to throw her a color party! I used the rainbow and went from there! I think it turned out fantastic!! Every time I walked into the kitchen I smiled, I love bright colors. Um.. a word of advice, don’t look up rainbow party without Google safe search on :)

I made the pom-poms on the window using the grade school technique of making tissue flowers for your mom for mothers day.. did anyone do that?! apparently, I’m the ONLY ONE. Way to hate on your mama’s… I bought trays at the dollar tree (bless you, dollar tree) and did the colors of the rainbow in fruit. SO EASY! And it was so healthy and Olivia munched on blueberries all day even though there was candy on the table. Parenting WIN! I also purchased bright candy and put them in more dollar tree vases/cups.


My favorite part was the cake. I know everyone has seen the rainbow cake. I looked for different tutorials on how to make it. Meg had THE BEST one! I want to give that lady a prize.. or just a hug? I think, both! She used cake mix (!) Nothing fancy. That is why I love her!! I don’t have time to sift flour. The cake was AWESOME! It turned out better than I thought! The colors were bright and fun. I loved this cake. I think we should eat rainbow cake everyday. It’s true. I do.




Olivia got a bike with a baby seat, and a new baby to put in the seat and some new jammies! She loved everything!





She covered her ears when we sang to her. Apparently, we suck at singing :(  And she blew out the candles all by herself!



This is a real, 100% Olivia smile. It made everything SO worth it. She had an amazing time!




Nicoolmama said...

happy birthday olivia!!

I made the rainbow cake for my Baby's 1st birthday and used Meg's site too! it's such fun! although my purple layer did not look purple- but black until I cut the cake and there it was in all its purple glory!

how did you make the pom-poms?

Ashlee said...

they are super easy! I found this pretty good tutorial for you! :)

Nicoolmama said...

Thanks Ashlee! We have two family birthdays coming up (April) so I will try these!

Molly said...

Happy birthday Olivia!!

Ashlee, you seriously outdid yourself. That whole party is incredible! The cake is breathtaking!