Saturday, March 12, 2011

The one where everyone decides that I’m nuts and probably starts to hate me..

On February 28th, Mike and I started a journey into healthy living. I know what everyone is thinking:
“You guys ARE tiny! Why do you need to diet?”
“Really?! you are going to waste away into nothing”
“You are so hot, you don’t need to change a thing!” (Okay, I made that one up.. )

Honestly, my side the family struggles with heart disease. My Dad had a sextuple bi-pass in his early twenties. That is really really rare. The odds are stacked against me. I refuse to go down because of my health. I have been blessed with a fantastic metabolism, but if I don’t actually get up and work my heart and become healthy, I will just be an out of shape, lump on the couch.

We bought P90X last year. Mike had made it a month into it, but then quit when I got pregnant. Something about your wife being able to eat a whole pan of brownies and not being able to eat anything but spinach, really didn’t help him feel motivated. So we decided that we needed to start again. You know what? I absolutely LOVE working out with my husband. The support that he gives me the whole workout is so amazing. I feel closer and more connected to him. We high five each other like dorks and constantly encourage each other to do more reps or just finish the ones we started. Nothing is more wonderful! It seems so cheesy, but without him being on the same page as me, I don’t think that we could do it.

We are 3 weeks into the program. The diet is RIDICULOUS! It is very tedious and measuring and weighing your food is hard work. But I can actually say that now I don’t mind the food choices. They are actually good! You actually get sauces to eat on your meat. It’s not just bland chicken. You can add a honey-chile sauce or even gravy! Right!? That is fantastic! There are soups loaded with veggies and breakfast scrambles that aren’t terrible either. The best part? I get to eat cheese. I LOVE cheese. It fat free, but you cant even tell!

The program itself is awesome too! I don’t get bored and the switch up between upper and lower body everyday is awesome! There is Yoga, Plyometrics and Abs too! I do sometimes, get tired of Tony talking… But I get that way with every workout video {Um.. hello Julian Michael's shred.. SO ANNOYING!} But at the beginning there is an option to just to do music and no cues. Or no music and the cues. I do that sometimes and just rock out to Pandora.

Anyways, I’m braving the internet world and posting my before photos:


Um.. I also posted Mike’s. I think he is so sexy.. anyways.. he will kick my ass for posting these later ;) Oh, and Thanks Isaac! I love your gift of stretch marks!

So I feel like I should also include that 3 weeks into the program, I have lost 7lbs! Mike has lost 4lbs! 



Jessica said...

Wow, you are tiny already. I do agree that it is important to get healthy. I just had my second baby 5 months ago and Im just now to a place I can lose all the weight I gained. I love Zumba, but my bff wants me to try p90x with her. Checking in from SITS. You were right above me in roll call.

Hope you will check my blog out sometime.

Cassy said...

So last year I went on a diet that my (ex) brother in law put me on. Not that he thought I would stick with it. It was so nuts. Measuring everything writing everything down that i ate and calculating my diet at the end of everyday. Everyone at work noticed I was on a diet. No one eats what I was eating just for the fun of it lol. And now that I live in the south, healthy takes a back seat to taste good everytime. And Everyone thought I was crazy. I was so small why would I diet? But I stuck too it for a month, Lost 15 pounds and at the end was at the same weight I was when I graduated. I was SO excited. I felt SO good. I took NO pictures. What the hell was I thinking. So last week I went to Target and fell in love with a Bikini. Put it on and could have cried. So.. April 1st begins diet phase version 2011. Anywho. I know how you feel, and even though you ARE hot now, when you feel it all the time you will increase your hottness by millions. Good luck and keep up the good work =)

Just Jen said...

Get it, Girl!! We are about to start P90X, also. We are planning for April 2nd. [We don't plan anything for April Fools Day. Ever.]

Can't wait to see your after pics!!

Nicoolmama said...

7 lbs is huge!! I know a million people doing P90X right is NOT easy! Keep it up!

and ps..Your body does NOT look like you have had two kids!