Friday, March 18, 2011

no longer peppy..

I was doing lunges. I was tired, but not anymore tired then I have been doing P90x. I was doing a backwards lung to the right and I lost my footing. I am pretty clumsy. I went to the left and my knee decided it wanted to go right.. it popped a couple times and I laid on the floor and cried out in pain. “ow, ow, oh my god, Ow!” I have never felt anything quite like it. Thank God Mike was home, and our doctors office open for a small window of time on Saturdays. 074

As far as they know it’s a sprained knee. A very sprained knee. But if the pain doesn’t go away by Monday then I get to have an MRI done to look for muscle or tissue tearing. In the mean time, this is is me..

Leg up

It definitely puts a damper on my getting fit for summer plans. I’m super bummed out about all this. Everything was going so so good and now I feel like  lump. I know I need time to heal and I know that I will feel better before I know it, but I want to feel better NOW! Okay, I will stop whining! One of the perks of getting hurt, friends bring cupcakes!

Yum! Thanks Sam!


Just Jen said...

Oh no, Ash!! Feel better soon!

The Juenemanns said...

The only thing wrong with that pic of your knee is there isn't any ice on it :). I do hope you feel better soon. Injuries like that are rotten, epsecially when you have 2 little ones to take care of and are working on top of it. Take care of yourself. Prayers for a quick recovery.