Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mama Kats Writers Workshop

I have a crush.

Actually, I think I'll take that back. I have a serious want to make out with this boy, sloppy, high school style, crush.



I could do without the super skinny jeans he wears. But, that would just take one shopping trip. If I can get hubby out of 2sizestoobig Tommy Hilfigers, I can get Zac out of skinny jeans.

Yup, I think I love him.

Let’s talk for a moment about my other crushes okay?

gerard-butler1  Gerard Butler.. he makes me swoon. He’s one of those men that would pick you up and put you against the wall and.. oh wait PG. sorry.


brad_pittbradpitt bradpitt2

I don’t care, I’ll admit, I love me some Brad Pitt. We went and saw Inglorious Bastards {great movie! not for the weak stomach} and I fell in love with him again. Like I did in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And at the end of Benjamin Button when he is a teenager.. yummmy. Where were the boys that looked like that when I went to high school? That’s right, I was in love with Jeff Grebbs, Daniel Castellanos, and Tony Nguyen. So far from Brad Pitt..


brucewillisdiehard1 Bruce Willis. I call him Brucey, we are close like that. Die hard always makes me fall in love over again.

And Sin City. Hello, Gorgeous.

johnkransinki johnk

Oh John. {Or Jim, for us, office junkies} I love that little smirk. That hair. We would stay up late eating ice cream, laughing and telling each other our secrets. We might make out too.


Mostly, I have a huge crush on this man. He makes me laugh. We stay up late eating ice cream and chocolate pie. He likes to kiss me and he makes me swoon. I catch myself still checking him out, and wanting him on the spot. I love falling in love with him all over again.. {PS. Check out his goatee.. it it SOO sexy. I wish work would let him have facial hair, he looks like a stud}

Thanks MamaKat for getting me all hot this morning.


Esmi said...

Enjoyed your blog. I love falling in love over and over with my hubby too. :) YAY for late night ice cream too.

BTW.. Brad Pitt used to be my thing until the whole Jennifer Aniston thing. haha!

mylifeinpurple said...

SO cute :)It's amazing when you can still crush on your own man

Charlene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Gerald Butler is amazingly hott. I can't wait to see his TWO new movies. My husband skakes his head with disaprroval everytime that commercial for his movie 'The Game' comes on b/c he knows I would have a one night stand with the man if given the opportunity.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Awww......I love your last crush! Best one yet!!!

Oh are gorgeous!!!!

Unknown Mami said...

If you can get your crush out of skinny jeans, why bother putting anything else on him?

Anonymous said...

LOL this was too cute! I like me some Jim Halpert (sp?) too! Brad Pitt is such a taboo right now, but I whole heartedly agree YUM!
I liked what you said about Gerard Butler...ROFL PG...LOL!!

Dan said...

I have to admit I think my crush on Annette beats all these guys. Maybe its just that I am a guy? Yeah, that must be it.

megs said...

i seem to remember someone making fun of me for being crazy in love with zac efron. oh, oh, that was YOU. you cant love him, you're a nonbeliever.

and it would take me .5 seconds to jump all over jim halpert. no maybe about it ;)