Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wishlist :)


I want all this! Even the leopard boxers.. which I will dance around the house in, while doing chores :) I <3 AE. Cant get enough.

Oval Animal Toy Bag in GreenOval Animal Toy Bag in Green2 

 Boon - Oval Animal Toy Bag in Green … not for me. Although I'm sure that when I was a kid, I could of filled 3 of these! I’m thinking for Olivia. It’s like a bean bag chair you fill with all your stuff animals. She already fills her basket. I’m not paying that much for one. I was thinking about… maybe getting a bean bag chair shell, and cutting out circles and putting netting in the circles.. so she could see them..? Ha! Let’s add that to my craft to-do list :)


piedishEmile Henry Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish- I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I love this pie dish. It reminds me of living in the country, where you could put your pie on the window sill to cool…It’s gorgeous! And it’s red and matches my kitchen.. which means I neeeeeed it! :) 

clutchMollie Collection lined in Robins egg Silk – I looove this clutch! I would make one myself if JoAnne’s sold the clutch part  or if I could find some for cheap. I would fill it with all my makeup and carry it in my purse, or use it as a wallet. Because, nothing i own would fit in a clutch..

babyhat This Violet Beanie- “Hello, i’m the cutest baby with the cutest hat on” I was thinking since we are trying to have a baby.. and I’m hoping everyone is sending good ju-ju {and pink thoughts ;) } Because, a family picture in the fall with my babies wearing cute matching hats would literally melt my heart..

strawsGlass Straws – When I first saw these, I was kinda said “Huh?” But, I started talking to Mike about it, and I think getting use to drinking out of them and not being able to chew on them, would really be the only hard part. Think about how many straws we throw into the landfill every year. I know they are small, but efforts like these, always help.

chestCrop Chest – How cute would I be showing up at a crop with this chest full of my scrapping goodies? Um.. adorable? yeah! I think so! I would get the pink.. I could even get Olivia the smaller one for her art supplies! A little over the top? Maybe, but at least I would look cute! :)

LaceShoppingTotes_l Lace Shopping Basket- Remember the cute rule? That applies here. Since I’m already bring my own shopping bags, I might as well bring my own basket. I don’t know if you know this… but most grocery stores don’t sanitize those baskets. Our store, only does it once a year, and that is just with a power sprayer. Think about how many times you have set an apple into the basket. Um, I don’t know about you, but that kinda gives me the oogly booglys.  You could even take this to the farmers market for your goodies. The hardest part, choosing which color :)

cameraloveNikon D40 – I love this camera. I asked for it, for my birthday :) :) :) 

My birthday is in November, feel free to send me any of these goodies… :)


Anonymous said...

Love the list and the clothes are sooo cute!
I have the Nikon D40 and I totally heart it! I asked for a new lens for Christmas...hope Santa saw my letter! ;)

Anonymous said...

aaaaand because I'm sitting here waiting for hubby to get back with our Chinese take-out I was bored and found this

*jimaie.marie* said...

I love leopard stuff!! :)
those Glass straws are so cool, I actually got one online for free last year, I should look through my email and see if I could find you the link, maybe they're still doing it! Omg I SO want one of those shopping baskets!!! LOVE.
That camera? *sigh* I hope you get it!!

Shea said...

I love all those american eagle clothes!! And that bean bag is too cute. And that hat? Oh my God, too adorable for words. Sending you many pink vibes!! And if you find someone to buy you a D40, send them my way!! ;)

*Kc* said...

Hey there! Your blog is super cute! I'm 23 and a mom of two girls :) So we have a little bit in common.

Nice to find another new blog!